Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Awfully Quiet

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Band name Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Song name Awfully Quiet
Tab type Bass tab
Added 05/31/2008
Size 1.84 kb
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Awfully Quiet 
by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

tabbed by Colin cshaw@student.umass.edu

Riff #1


Riff #2  (This is not exactly it but I can't figure it out)


Riff #3                           Riff #3a

|--------------------------|      |--------------------------|
|-----------------4--------|      |-----------------4-----6--|
|--------------5-----------|      |----------------5-----7-----|
|--5--4--2--0--------0--4--|      | --5--4--2--0--------------|

Riff #4


Riff #5


Riff #6


Riff #7


That should give enough to go on...
Riff #1 & #2 make up the intro and also appear at the end in reverse order
Riff #3 is kinda the main riff 
Riff #3a leads into Riff #4 which is basically the verse
Riff #5 is the chorus
Riff #6 is the post-chorus thing
Riff #7 is the ooh/ahh part

Feel free to make any comments/suggestions, especially on Riff #2