Mouse - A Public Execution

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Band name Mouse
Song name A Public Execution
Tab type Chords
Added 06/02/2008
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Bob Dylan is NOT Mouse despite the fact that the two sound exactly
  alike on record.  Mouse's 'A Public Execution' has caused all kinds of
  comment because people find it hard to believe that someone else can
  actually sound so similar to Bob Dylan.  In fact, one of Columbia
  Records' public relations men got the fright of his life when he went to
  a radio station (which shall remain nameless, but you know which one!)
  and the playful jocks covered the label of Mouse's disc and told the
  unfortunate P.R. man that it was a Dylan record.  -- KRLA Beat, 1966

If anyone is interested in a Mouse interview (from Texas punk 'zine _Not
Fade Away_), get back to me.  --AWR

                          "A Public Execution"
             (Ronnie "Mouse" Weiss - Knox "Bugs" Henderson)


	Electric 12-string [repeated at end of each verse, transposed
	to Ab for verse 4]:

	 v   v   v   v     v           v           v           v

	C     F      G     F
	/  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

	      C                   F            G                  F
	Some words are best not spoken, ...
	      C                           F
	But since this is your public ...
	      G [w/12-string, as above]

Verse 1:

	      C                   F                       G               F
	The mailman brought your letter, babe, ...
	    C                   F                    G               F
	N about the things he said he ...
	    C                 F             G               F
	But I could never be honest that t ...
	         C                F                               G
	When he saw me take some other hide ...

Bridge 1:

	 F                       G
	You at least ...
	         F                       G
	If the scene was ...
	             C         F       C
	But like a queen ...
	      F                 G
	Your ...[?]

Verse 2:

	You said I disappointed you wherever ....

Bridge 2:

	Have you ever seen the truth...

Verse 3:

	Whoa, I read where you said you want one ....

Bridge 3:

	If this is really ...
	That it's really, ...
	You better find ...
	(C)             F                  G      Ab
	'Cause you got ...

	[key change to Db]

Verse 4:

	          Db                  Gb           Ab                Gb
	Yeah, you got your point put over now...
	 Db                Gb                        Ab              Gb
	Burn the bridge behind you, babe, ...
	   Db                   Gb                Ab               Gb
	I know just how you're hurtin' from ...
	     Db             Gb                              Ab
	I'd like t say I'm sorry, but ....

Coda:	[rant over Db-Gb-Ab-Gb to fade]

	So goodbye...

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers