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                        ADJECTIVE - The Mr. T. Experience

>From Lookout! Records' Slice Of Lemon Comp.

By: Dave

     A D E         A D G C F E  

Verse 1
A             D            E
Got home from camping last spring
A           D          E
Saw people, places and things
A          D
The moment we arrived
G                C
Friends asked us to describe
F                                  E (let ring)         E(stab)
The people, places, and every last thing
                   A             D         E
So we unpacked our adjectives

Verse 2
A          D          E
I unpacked frustrated first
A              D              E
Reached in and found the word worst
A             D
Then I picked soggy and
G             C
Next I picked foggy and
F                                E (let ring)          E(stab)
Then I was ready to tell them my tale
                    A           D        E
Cuz I’d unpacked my adjectives

After doing the A-D-E thing once, a heavily distorted guitar comes in and goes:
     A        D             E   Eb  D   Db

(the spacing is weird, but if you open it with WordPad and make it 8pt courier
new, the pages will work out)

Then use these chords for the bridge: (I know it looks like a lot, but just
follow the C-F then the Eb-Ab to get the feel.)

     C  F  Db Eb Ab E
Bridge 1
C              F               C          F
Adjectives are words we use to really describe things
C              F      C       F
Handy words to carry around
         C                F
Days are sunny or they’re rainy
         C                    F
Boys are dumb or else they’re brainy
C              F              C / Db 
Adjectives can show you which way
Eb             Ab            Eb         Ab
Adjectives are often used to help us compare things
   Eb                Ab                  Eb (don’t go to Ab)
To say how thin, how fat, how short, how tall
              Eb               E-E
Girls who are tall get taller
              Eb               E-E
Boys who are small get smaller
     Eb         E           Eb         E           D / Eb / E
Till one is the tallest and one is the smallest of all

Then back to verses, but keeping heavy distortion:

Verse 3
A         D             E
We hiked around without care
A           D      E
Then we ran into a bear
A        D
He was a hairy bear
G        C
He was a scary bear
F                                E
We made a hasty retreat from his lair
                       A          D       E
And described him with adjectives

Do the E-Eb-D-Db walkdown again, then keep on a C-F progression like in the first
half of the bridge.  this section ends with a D-Eb-E, then goes into:

Verse 4
A             D       E
Next time you go on a trip
A        D           D
Remember this little tip
A          D
The minute you get back
G               C
They’ll ask you this and that
F                                   E
You can describe people, places and things
                  A          D      E
Simply unpack you adjectives


Repeat the main A-D-E progression till end.