O-town - Baby I Would

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Band name O-town
Song name Baby I Would
Tab type Chords
Added 06/07/2008
Size 1.29 kb
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O-town, Baby I Would.
Tabbed by Jonas Rasmussen, Soulras@yahoo.dk.
A#                               F                   
Would I walk trough fire just to be with you, to be 
with you Baby
D#                             A#   F
Would I cross an ocean just to hold you, yeahh
A#                            F
Would I give up all i have to see you smile, to see 

you smile
G#                                     G
Would I walk trough hell and not think twice

Baby I would
Baby I will
F                 G     
Baby I'll do that gladly
F                      C        G
be all you need, do anything to make you happy
Baby I could
Baby I can
      F         G
do anything you ask me
       F           G             C
Baby I can, Baby I could, Baby I would

A#                           F
Would I be the harbor always there for you, right 

there for you, yeahh
D#                             A#    F
Would I be the shelter that'll sheet you, yeahh
A#                             F         
Would I be the loving light to light your way, to 

light your way, honey
G#                             G
And would I defend you with my life

( repeat chorus)

Tabbed By: Jonas Rasmussen 
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