One Pedaled Bike - Rain Maiden

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Band name One Pedaled Bike
Song name Rain Maiden
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/07/2008
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Tabbed By JizyJSE (

Artist: One Pedaled Bike
Title: Rain Maiden

Standard Tuning

		    A     D     E     D

Verse/Intro:	G---6-----7-----9-----7-----

		    A     E    F#m    D

Chorus:		G---6-----9-----2-----7-----

come [A]inside, take [D]my hand
hold [E]my heart, [D]make me understand
[A]take all I have and [D]take all you need
[E]everything you are means [D]everything to me
[A]she came to me, [D]hiding from the lies
[E]searching for sal[D]vation in my eyes
[A]she woke me up, [D]said please don't pa[E]rt
and I heard the [D]rain through her heart, and she said


[A]I am the Rain [E]Maiden, oh yeah
[F#m]you'll be my King [D] and I'll be your Queen
[A]so take my hand, [E]it's all that I have[F#m]
[D]you were everything that night


//(Take it Home)

leave the world behind
save it for a better time
take away my pride
behind me you can hide, oh yeah

I'll be your life, for you to live
I'll be your coat, when the rain sets in
I'll be the sun, to dry your tears
and wash away your fears, and she said

[chorus x2]

but the dream is gone, with the return of the sun, oh
and the day is cold and I'm left with no one
when I'm feelin low, I think of you in my bed, yeah
when I'm feelin out, I remember what you said

[chorus x3]

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