Raeth - Akela Hun Mein

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File info:

Band name Raeth
Song name Akela Hun Mein
Tab type Chords
Added 06/13/2008
Size 0.91 kb
File format
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G G Em Em C D G G

G         Em        C             D  
Door aisi duniya thi Jisme hum tum rehtey thye
G         Em              C            D
Khwabon ki dagar pe chalke hum tumse yeh kehte thye
G              Em
Hame pyaar hai ekrar hai 
   C                  D
Yeh pyaar nahi to kya aur hai

(stop beating)

(same chords)
(Akela hun mein)-3
Akela hun mein

continue same chords 2 times

(same chords)
Masumiyat teri hasee yaad aati hey mujhko teri saadgi
Aankhon mein tu saason mein tu dil mein ho meri dhadkan mein tu

F            C     F         D
Sadiyon ka tha woh aapna milan
F            C     F         D
Tu paas nahi jo tanha hai maan

G                Em
Kyun ruth chale aese hamse
C              D 
Hamne aesi kya khata ki
G              Em  
Sunikardi meri duniya tumne
C            D
saari kasme jhooth thi..

(same chords)
(Akela hun mein)-6 tum bin

Akela hun mein