Sadistic Intent - A Mass For Tortured Souls

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Band name Sadistic Intent
Song name A Mass For Tortured Souls
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/24/2008
Size 1.81 kb
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Band: Sadistic Intent
Album: Resurrection
Song: A Mass For Tortured Souls

Transcribed By: Arckanum
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listen to the song to know when to tremolo pick and palm mute and such.
NOTE: there are mistakes that i couldn't get, being that some riffs 
are tuff to tab by ear. If anyone finds a fix plz email it to me.
Also listen to the song to hear the Riff order cuz i'm to lazy to 
write it out, shouldn't be hard tho.

Tuning: 2.5 steps down (B)



Note: I just wanted to add that Sadistic Intent is the best fucking
band around that HASNT sold out when most others have, Sadistic Intent 
is a musical armageddon, pure brutality performed with the feeling 
from the era in which this incredible band was formed (80's), If you
havn't already hear of them then do yourself a favor and check this band
out, it's by FAR the best fucking band EVER!!!!