Slash - Beggars And Hangers-on

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Band name Slash
Song name Beggars And Hangers-on
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/28/2008
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Beggars & Hangers-On
Written by SLASH/Eric Dover/Duff McKagan
For the Album: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
      by SLASH's Snakepit

Tabulature by  Stix Taimur

First, before attempting to play these songs, to get the perfect Slash sound 
and tone, it would be better to use a Les Paul (standard) and a Marshall 
amplifier with the specific settings.  Also according to the "Five O'Clock" 
tracks Slash has played on, the guitar is tuned  a step lower from standard 
tuning.  Beggars and Hangers-on is the only track with drop "D" tuning, 
which also alters the way certain chords are struck.  Have fun with the 
licks, and I hope that they'll guide you to perfecting Slash's songs. 
Hopefully with more time and practice I will have the solos ready for 
tablature as well.  Thanks a lot for your tabs too!
Beggars & Hangers-on

There has to be some special guitar F/X compress to get that depressed slide 
tone but a normal slide for the intro. will have to do.

Clean guitar "recommended guitar set on rhythm pick ups."
*drop "D" tuning

*drop "D" tuning


	D		         Am
Well I know, you couldn't love me
Cause you're promised to a
   wealthy man
	D		      Am
Take a look, what are you seein'?
	   G		            D
Is that a noose or a wedding band?