Stonewall Jackson - A Wound Time Cant Erase

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Band name Stonewall Jackson
Song name A Wound Time Cant Erase
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 07/02/2008
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Date: 1/16/99; 4:43:12 PM
From: "Bill Winfield" 
Subject: A Wound Time Can't Erase

Here's one that was on the "requested list" back in Dec.  Don't see it in
Stonewall's file, so here it is:

Title: A Wound Time Can't Erase  (lyrics/chords)
Recorded by: Stonewall Jackson (09/06/1961)
Written by: Bill D. Johnson
Album:  Columbia Country Classics, The Nashville Sound, Vol. 4
Submitted by: Bill Winfield

A WOUND TIME CAN'T ERASE   Stonewall Jackson

Have you [B] found, since you [F#]  turned me down
The one that you were searching [B] for
Are you glad that you [F#] made me sad
For you know I vowed to love you ever [B] more

What did [F#] you have in mind when you broke this heart of mine
Are you [E] laughing in my [B] face
Darling [F#] what can I do, when you say we are through
You left a [E] wo-o-ou-[F#] nd time can't e-[B] rase


Tell me dear, are you [F#] satisfied
To be foot-loose and fancy [B] free
Is it power you want for the [F#] things that you have done
What you gained I guess I'll never [B] see

Repeat Chorus 

(NOTE: If you're just starting guitar chords, you could capo the 4th 
fret and play a key of "G" position)