Xtc - Ballad For A Rainy Day

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File info:

Band name Xtc
Song name Ballad For A Rainy Day
Tab type Chords
Added 07/14/2008
Size 0.65 kb
File format
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Wrong code.
G        D/F#       Em     D     C   Eb   Gm/Bb   Eb   (D)
orange and lemons....

repeat....second time (d) gets replaced with (A) into the chorus

D6       Bm7  Am7   G     Bbm6  C#dim
Ballad for a  rainy day.....silent......

2nd Chorus ending:

(after C#dim)
D6                 F6    Gm/Bb  Am7 D7sus2   (G into piano thing)
out and through my window...... slow descending......


C#               G#   Bbm   F#    B   F#   G#m  E (times 2, then)
  when it rains it rains........

(majestic Aadd9)

listen tot he song for the repeats and the put togethers.  sounds better on pianer if you ask me.