Clint Black - Abstract Plain

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Band name Clint Black
Song name Abstract Plain
Tab type Chords
Added 05/08/2008
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From Wed Jun 22 17:35:30 1994
Subject: CRD: Abstract Plain - Frank Black

Song  : (I want to live on an) Abstract Plain
Artist: Frank Black
Album : Teenager of the Year

Intro: C#m F# E x 4

E           F#        G#
I've had it with this town
I'm     building    a frame

E          F#        B        E
I never    saw those shifting skies
A place to put my    ten yard stare

E        F#      G#
I never  saw the ground
Thinking of that paint

Am               F#
Or the sunset    rise
Painted in plein-air
Am                   E        F#        C#m
I want to live on an abstract plain

C#m      Am            C#m
I need a new address
            Am           C#m
I want some new terrain
Tell me I'm not insane
               Am        C#m
Is or north or south
Is it up or    down
                     E        F#     C#m
I want to live on an abstract plain

E       F#         G#
I could sit on the roof
E       F#     B        E
On top of that abstract house
E      F#       G#
See my abstract view
Am          F#
An abstract mouse
Am                   E        F#     C#m
I want to live on an abstract plain

outro: C#m F# E x 4

This is in standard tuning.  I'm not sure about some of the chords
being major or minor chords, my ear isn't too good.  Please post any
corrections!  or e-mail me.