Disciple - Back Again

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Band name Disciple
Song name Back Again
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/11/2008
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"Disciple - Back Again"

Tabbed By BiptoN@charter.net

This is a quick crack at it, u can pick out his little tweaks and bends
along with his sweet strum patterns, mostly cause I'm too lazy to tab it
out ;)  This is the general idea though.

This is after the few little ambient notes he plays while the song fades in
play it a 7x on the 8th time through throw that slide in at the end of it

D |---------------------------------|---------------------------------
A |---------------------------------|---------------------------------
F |---------------------------6/7---|----7\---------------------------
C |-0-0-0--0-0--0-0-0-0-0--0--------|----7\---------------------------
G |-0-0-0--0-0--0-0-0-0-0--0--------|----5\---------------------------
C |-0-0-0--0-0--0-0-0-0-0--0--------|---------------------------------

then play this 3x the 4th time around he does a deaden'd strum on the next
set like that he throws a bend somewhere similar to that  

D |----------0------|-----------|--8^(10)v8^(9)------------------------
A |----------5------|--w/wahwah-|--------------------------------------
F |----------7^(9)--|--x-x-x-x--|--------------------------------------
C |-0--0-0----------|--x-x-x-x--|--------------------------------------
G |-0--0-0----------|--x-x-x-x--|--------------------------------------
C |-0--0-0----------|--x-x-x-x--|--------------------------------------

okay now for the next part u come into this from a thick thump thump
thumpin', open string, dedn'd strum 

D |--------------------------------------------------------------------
A |--------------------------------------------------------------------
F |----8---8-----8----7---7----7---------------------------------------
C |----8---8-----8----7---7----7---------------------------------------
G |--0-6-0-6---0-6-0--5-0-5--0-5---------------------------------------
C |--0---0-----0---0----0----0-----------------------------------------

okay now this I'm not too sure about, it's a good pace and for the most
part dedn'd listen to the MP3 for how many counts ya play that coo then it
has that hook part in there 

D |---------------------------|-----------------------------------------
A |---------------------------|-----------------------------------------
F |-7---------7-----------7---|-----------------------------------------
C |-x---------x-----------x---|--5-3-0--3-3-----------------------------
G |-5---------5-----------5---|--5-3-0--3-3-----------------------------
C |-0--0-0-0--0--0-0-0-0--0---|--5-3-0--3-3-----------------------------

play this 3x		then repeat it

D |-----------------|---------------------------------------------------
A |-----------------|---------------------------------------------------
F |-----5/7-----5-7-|---------------------------------------------------
C |-0-0-x-x---0-x-x-|--5--3--0--1-1--0----------------------------------
G |-0-0-3/5~~-0-3/5-|--5--3--0--1-1--0----------------------------------
C |-0-0-------0-----|--5--3--0--1-1--0----------------------------------

I'm gonna skip to the rythm part where he plays some lead cause they just
go through the same stuff for the most part so here it is
Play this 3x pay attention to the details ;)				

D |---------------------------------|-----------------------------------
A |---------------------------------|-----------------------------------
F |---------------------------------|----------8-x-8-x-8----------------
C |-0--0-0--1--1-1--0--0-0--1--1-1--|----------x-x-x-x-x----------------
G |-0--0-0--1--1-1--0--0-0--1--1-1--|--0--0-0--6-x-6-x-6----------------
C |-0--0-0--1--1-1--0--0-0--1--1-1--|--0--0-0-(0)x(0)x(0)---------------

I'm sure you can apply the above, listen carefully, and decipher the rest.