Jimi Hendrix - 51st Anniversary

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Band name Jimi Hendrix
Song name 51st Anniversary
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/21/2008
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51st Anniversary

                        By Jimi Hendrix

The chords progression is pretty simple:

    B        A        E

 |-----|  |-----|  |--0--|   I'm not sure but I think you pick the indivdual

 |--4--|  |--2--|  |--0--|   notes of the D chord. These are pretty much the

 |--4--|  |--2--|  |--1--|   chords in the song,  there is another part where               

 |--4--|  |--2--|  |--2--|   you pick every chord.  If you wish to figure out             

 |--2--|  |--0--|  |--2--|   anymore of the song it's in the key of B for 

 |-----|  |-----|  |--0--|   those of you who know what it means.