Mojo Nixon And Skid Roper - Bbq Usa

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Band name Mojo Nixon And Skid Roper
Song name Bbq Usa
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/02/2008
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From: Adam Bishop 
Subject: TAB: B.B.Q. U.S.A. - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:47:23 -0400

B.B.Q. U.S.A - Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper

Tabbed by Adam Bishop

Because of the other instruments, I'm not sure exactly where the chords
are played, but I
play them as barre chords:

E7 - 076750
A7 - 57x68x
B7 - 7-9-x-8-10-x

They also sound okay as open chords.

Main riff:

That's not quite right but it's close enough.  It is played basically
wherever there is an E7.

There are a lot of names in this song, places Mojo presumably has been
to, but since I
don't recognize them, I can't figure out what he's saying :) Sorry!

E7        A7    E7

B7   A7        E7
Mmmm Mmmm barbeque

Walter barbeque, Henry barbeque
A7                            E7
(???) Louisiana Soul Food and (???) Snackin' Shack
B7   A7        E7
Mmmm Mmmm barbeque

Wilbur's, (???) Barbeque and Catfish Shack
Man don't forget Hog Heaven
And Papa Doc's Pig Palace
Mmmm Mmmm barbeque

Saxophone solo

"Say man, can I get some ribs?" "Sure thing boy, just quit drooling over
my counter."
"Look it here, we need some more napkins."

(???) Family Barbeque, the Voodoo Barbeque
Man don't forget the Pleasure Pit
And dogs with the sauce of the future
Mmmm Mmmm barbeque

Luther's Rib City, Mr. (???)
(???) Sugar's Barbeque Emporium
And Roscoe's Rib Rack
Mmmm Mmmm Barbeque

Organ solo

"Say hey, where's that barbeque place?" "You're standing in it!" "I love
"I say man can I get some coleslaw with beans (???), yeah thanks a lot!"

End with riff and E7

Mmmm Mmmm good