Municipal Waste - Abusement Park

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Band name Municipal Waste
Song name Abusement Park
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/03/2008
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Band:  Municipal Waste
Album: Hazardous Mutation
Song:  Abusement Park

Copyright (c)  (Earache) (2005)

Version 1.0 - (13/06/06)

Transcribed By: Steve
Email:          webmaster at

.  - palm mute           /  - slide up to
\  - slide down to       ~  - vibrato
h  - hammer on           b  - Bend
p  - pull off            Suffixes for bend
t  - tap                 f  - full bend    h - half bend
ph - pinched harmonic    q  - quarter bend t - tap bend
                         p  - pre bend
*  - see comment         ^  - Hold bend    r release bend
x  - Stuccatto           ~  - vibrato bend
,  - slight palm mute    () - ghost note, sustained note
"  - tremolo note        Added by and our distinguished partners