Pollyanna - Beestung

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Band name Pollyanna
Song name Beestung
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/11/2008
Size 2.42 kb
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tune 1/2 step down, capo V 
main riff 
then play F, G, Am at end of verse 1 
  F   G   Am             
----------0-- Am       -0--0--0--0---- 
------3---1-- sometimes 1--1--3--1----   
--2---0---2--         --2--2--2--2---- 
--3---0---2--         --2--2--2--2---- 
--3---x------         ---------------- 
--1---3------         ---------------- 
 f  G  E 
----3------  to end 
-2--0--1---  chorus 
quiet bit after chorus 
-----0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0--  x2 
thats it, theres a few variations on the Am chord in the chorus, easy to pick up though. 
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