The Replacements - Achin To Be

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From: (go-man)
Subject: CRD: Achin to Be

>From I. Figuracion
With apologies to Francois Rousseau9s transcription, the following are the
correct chords to 3Achin9 To Be2 by Paul Westerberg and the Replacements.
These are the chords when the song is played with the recording.

ACHIN' TO BE   (Replacements)

intro:G G G D F#m G

        D                    F#m
Well she's kind of like an artist
G                D
Sittin' on the floor
G                        D
Never finishes,  she abandons
G               D
Never shows a soul
           D                   F#m
And she's kind of like a movie
G                   D
Everyone rushes to see
       G                     D
And no one understands it
G                  D
Sittin' in their seats

  F#m                          G
She opens her mouth to speak and
      F#m                   Bm
What comes out's a mystery
 G                            F#m
Thought about, an' I've understood
    G                  D        F#m    G
She's achin'   to be

         D                         F#m
Well she dances alone in nightclubs
G                       D
Every other day of the week
G                           D
People look right through her
G                      D
Baby doll check your cheek
         D                      F#m
And she's kind of like a poet
  G                      D
Who finds it hard to speak
G                D
Poems come so slowly
        G                 D
Like the colors down a sheet  (chorus)

A                                   G
I've been achin' for a while now, friend
A                          G     D    F  G  D
I've been achin' hard for years

(break use verse chords 1X)

         D                   F#m
Well she's kind of like an artist
    G                   D
Who uses paints no more
   G                              D
And never show what you're doing
G               D
Never show a soul
       F#m                    G
Yeah I saw one of your pictures
         F#m                     Bm
There was nothin' that I could see
     G               F#m
If no one's on your canvas
G                   D
Well, I'm achin' to be
     F#m                 G
She closes her mouth to speak and
    F#m             Bm
Closes her eyes to see
     G              F#m
Thought about an' only love and
     G         D         F#m     G
She's achin' to be
G              D      F#m    G
  Just like me

"The little man knows all ..."