The Thermals - Back To Gray

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The Thermals - Back to gray

Album : More parts per million

Written by Hutch Harris

G#/F# MEANS: play G# first time and F#

when repeating, NOT slash chords.

Thermals distortion :

For a nice thick thermals distortion,

turn treble, middle and bass to 10. Then

apply some distortion. That's how Hutch Harris

does it. He uses Fender amps, but it works 

fine on any amp.

B          D#m

 Hail Mary, heaven wailing

G#            E

 Let a blanket cover everything

B             D#m

 Hold us high, hold a side

G#m                   E

 Mother, don't let us die before the springtime

B                 D#m/G#                 G#/F#

 I don't need any love, 'cause I got the elements


 Electric light, electric license


 I can add it all up, one plus one

 [repeat "Hail Mary ... one plus one"]

D#m                 B

 Your face fits in the frame so

D#m                  B

 like your footprints in the fake snow

E               B

 Sky sight now, a strobe-light


 Black to white and black to white and

 Black to white, then back to gray again

 [repeat "Hail Mary <- (1x) ... gray again"]

F#             D#m           C#

 (And)If you do not mind I'll not stay


 If you can climb I may find a way

 [repeat "If you ... a way"]

F#        D#m

 Hail Mary, heaven wailing

C#            B

 Let a blanket cover everything


 I can add it all up, one plus one

CHORDS : This song is all barre chords, figure it out.

Original Tab by

Modifications (lyrics, chords etc) by me