Angus And Julia Stone - Beast

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Band name Angus And Julia Stone
Song name Beast
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/01/2008
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-- THE BEAST by Angus & Julia Stone -- 
Tabbed by scurt

This is from their performance on Triple J which can be seen 
here: Not too sure if 
this is right, but feel free to add any comments or corrections. 

Standard tuning EADGBe. Capo 1st fret.
Chords ARE relative to capo, solo tab is NOT relative to capo.

Bm =       x-2-4-4-3-2
A =        x-0-2-2-2-0
Em =       0-2-2-0-0-0
G#maj7+5 = 0-10-9-11-0-0 
C7 =       0-12-9-11-0-0

(Bm)(A)       (Em)
Pack up your things
     (Bm) (A)     (Em)
Your work here is done
  (Bm)  (A)    (Em)
A slave to the beast
  (Bm)(A)      (Em)
No mer-cy with time
  (Bm)(A)      (Em)
No mer-cy with time

     (Bm)     (A)       (Em)
They brand you with the fire
    (Bm)      (A)    (Em)
And push you into the sun
              (Bm)  (A)     (Em)
They want the free land to expire
           (Bm) (A)       (Em)
They want every-one to be numb

             (Bm)    (A)  (Em)
The worlds drinking from a cup
    (Bm)     (A)     (Em)
That no one wants to share
(Bm)  (A)      (Em)
Words from the king
    (Bm)    (A)      (Em)  (slide to G#maj7+5) (C7)
That no one wants to hear

Donít be running late
Are you on time to-day
Donít be running late
            (Em)   (A)(Em)
Are you on time to-day
Donít be running late
Are you on time to-day
Donít be running late
            (Em)   (A)(Em)
Are you on time to-day

(Bm)         (A)        (Em)
Retrench me because of machines
(Bm)           (A)     (Em)
Kids trading roses for guns
(Bm)         (A)       (Em)
Track marks under the sleeve
  (Bm)      (A)       (Em)
I canít talk I need to run
(Bm)    (A)           (Em)
Loves thrown away the ring
(Bm)        (A)    (Em)
Not knowing what to say
(Bm)  (A)       (Em)
Momma wonít you sing
           (Bm)(A)      (Em)  (slide to G#maj7+5) (C7)
Itís like a cut by the blade

[Repeat CHORUS]

Acoustic guitar with distortion and slight palm muting at
the beginning of fourth measure. 


[Repeat CHORUS]