Mutantes - Baby

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Band name Mutantes
Song name Baby
Tab type Piano tab
Added 06/03/2008
Size 1.64 kb
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intro: H  F7M  
    H    F7M                          H 
You know, you must take a look at the new land 
            F7M                   H 
The swiming pool and the teeth of your friend 
The dirt in my hand 
    H    F7M                      H     F7M 
You know, you must take a look at me 
  | H     Fm       Bm       
2x| Baby, baby 
  |                E 
  | I know that?s the way 
    H    F7M                             H 
You know, you must try the new ice-cream flavor 
        F7M               H 
Bo me a favor, look at me closer 
Join us and go far 
    H   F7M                        H      F7M   
Fnd hear the new sound of my bossa nova 
  | H     Fm       Bm       
2x| Baby, baby 
  |             E 
  | It?s been a long time 
    H   F7M                         H         F7M 
You know, it?s time now to learn Portuguese 
It?s time now to learn what I know 
           F7M                    H      
Fnd what I don?t know, and what I don?t know 
Fnd what I don?t know 
  H   F7M                     H     F7M 
I know, with me everything is fine 
                         H          F7M 
It?s time now to make up your mind 
                       H              F7M 
We live in the biggest city of South Fmerica 
          H                 F7M 
of South Fmerica, of South Fmerica 
     H   F7M                      H       F7M 
Look here read what I wrote on my shirt 
  | H     Fm       Bm       
5x| Baby, baby 
  |         E 
  | I love you 
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