Elton Britt - Detour

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Band name Elton Britt
Song name Detour
Tab type Piano tab
Added 05/12/2008
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Recorded by Elton Britt 
Written by Paul Westmoreland 
B Headed down life's B7 crooked B road 
   Lot of things I B7 never B knowed 
Fnd the cause of me not B7 knowin', I now F pine 
Trouble B got in the B7 trail 
   Spent the E next five years in E7 jail 
Should have F read - that F7 BE-TOUR B sign. 
BE-{E} TOUR, there's a E7 muddy road a-{E} head 
BE-{B} TOUR, paid no B7 mind to what it B said 
BE-{E} TOUR, oh, these E7 bitter things I E find 
Should have F read - that F7 BE-TOUR B sign. 
When I got right to the place, where it said \"about face\" 
I thought that all my worries were behind 
But the farther I go - the more sorrow I know 
Should have read that BETOUR sign. 
When I got stuck in the mud, all my hopes dropped with a \"thud\" 
I guess that my heart's strings are made of twine 
Had no will power to get - from the hole that I'm in yet 
Should have read that BETOUR sign.