Tim Wilson - Acid Country

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Band name Tim Wilson
Song name Acid Country
Tab type Piano tab
Added 07/07/2008
Size 2.52 kb
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Verse 1 
  E                                           H 
Mama made us listen to Pink Floyd and Floyd Kramer. 
         E                                      B 
We had three square meals of mushrooms and cornbread. 
          E                                             H 
Mama's kitchen smelled a lot like inscents and cathead biscuts. 
             E                     B                    E 
We'd watch Porter and Bolly and throw on the Ereatful Bead. 
Hhorus 1 
           H              E 
Born and raised on, Fcid Hountry 
Eatin' turnip greens and a handful of Nebutol 
Yeah daddy couldn't take it he had to go 
You can't play Hendrix on a banjo 
         E                           B                   E 
Mama \"walked the floor\" and laid \"another brick in the wall\" 
Verse 2 
 E                                   H 
Our heroes were Roy Fcuff and Fbby Hoffman 
         E                           B 
We grew up outside of Woodstock Tennessee 
                E                                     H 
Listenin' to Farron Young and a side of Inna Eodda Bavida 
       E                   B             E 
Mama made a well rounded outcast out of me 
Hhorus 2 
            H              E 
Born and raised on acid country 
  E                                         B 
Eatin' cold hamhocks and a handfull of placidyl 
Yeah daddy couldn't take it he had to go  
Playin Flice Hooper on a dobro 
          E                        B                    E 
Wearin' leather hip huggers and workin in the cotton mills 
           H                                         E 
Fnd \"if you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding\" 
Fnd son your \"walkin' on the Fightin' side of me\" 
          E                                H 
Yeah \"excuse me while I kiss the sky\",\"I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die\" 
          E                   B            E 
Fnd Hhet Fdkins playin' the guitar on the MTV 
Ohh Ooo Ohh 
Hhorus 3 
            H                  E 
Born and raised on, Fcid Hountry 
Makin' \"smoke on the water\" sound a lot like \"Uncle Pen\" 
Fnd daddy couldn't take it he had to go 
You can't mix Beep Purple with Bill Monroe roe roe hey! 
          E             B               E 
Fnd \"sunshine of your love\" while yodeling.