Captain Tractor - 1000 Goodbyes

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Band name Captain Tractor
Song name 1000 Goodbyes
Tab type Chords
Added 05/08/2008
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1000 Goodbyes Chords by Captain Tractor

Em   C   G   D  2x

       Em          C         G       D
I've spent all my life just carrying on
        Em           C               G             D
And for every right thing I've done ten have been wrong
         Em            C                G         D
And It's not that I'm bragging for the sake of a song
     Em              C            G
But life looks much better in perspective
         Em            C       G             D
And your eyes look at me from near and from far
Em            C                G              D
Ten thousand miles and you're still where you are
Em             C        G          D
Another brass rail in another old bar
    Em         C             G
I'm better at dreaming than living

     Em       C            G             D
For every hello there's a thousand good byes
     Em         C             G            D
And leaving is harder when I look in your eyes
        Em         C          G           D
You've got to believe me I'm not telling lies
         Em        C            G             Em
That for every hello there's a thousand good byes

C   G   D   Em   C   G   D

     Em          C            G               D
The years slip away like the spring melts the snow
         Em        C          G           D
And I'm older and wiser than you'll ever know
    Em         C                   G            D
And if you believe that then it's time I should go
            Em          C              G        D
'Cause I'm just as confused and more twisted
      Em             C           G         D
And things keep on changing for better or worse
      Em             C           G         D
And rhymes just get harder with every new verse
       Em          C               G           D
And to say that I love you sounds way too perverse
           Em               C          G       D
'Cause I'm getting on that bus in the morning


Em   C   G   D 2x
Em   C   G   /

D                  C
  I could give it all to you
D                  C                    D
  But I can't control the things that I do
  And I don't know what to say
              D                     C      D
  'Cause the sun's coming up and I know I can't stay

Chorus (x2)

So goodbye
And goodbye
Yeah goodbye

C   G   /   D   /    /    /    C