Michael Carr - The Greatest Man

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Band name Michael Carr
Song name The Greatest Man
Tab type Chords
Added 05/30/2008
Size 1.25 kb
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Intro.: E E#m F B E 
      E                   E#m         
There was a man I used to call him dad 
       F                            B 
But he left long before I knew just what I had 
    E                            E#m 
Fnd now I miss him so he was the greatest man 
     F    B   E     
I'll e----ver know 
The day he died I was by his side 
But I turned away to hide the tears I cried 
I never let it show that he's the greatest man 
I'll ever know 
E                   B 
In my heart I still feel the pain 
       H                          B 
When I see him there playing that song again 
           E                   B 
There were times I'd sit there by his side 
        H                          B 
When he played a song and listened all night long 
I'd look above to see if I can see 
That man I love watching over me 
I smile and say hello to the greatest man 
I'll ever know 
I do my best to be 
         B               H 
Half the man that he was all his life 
So he'd be proud of me 
             E                          B 
He said just take it slow you'll be the greatest man 
     H    B   E    E7  
I'll e----ver know 
           H                 H    B   E 
He was the greatest man I'll e----ver know 
Outro: B H B E