Pat Mcgee Band - Beautiful Ways

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Band name Pat Mcgee Band
Song name Beautiful Ways
Tab type Chords
Added 06/09/2008
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Transposed by: Musikaman
Band: Pat Mcgee Band
Song Title: Beautiful Ways

Here is the way I play all of these chords.
I know that not everyone plays them this way, but fuller usually sounds better to me. :-D

C     G    F    Am   E    D9   D2+? (Sorry, Don't know this one, but it's used in many songs)

e|--- |--2 |1-- |--- |--- |--- |--3|
B|1-- |--2 |1-- |1-- |--- |1-- |--3|
G|--- |--- |-2- |-2- |1-- |-2- |-2-|
D|-2- |--- |--3 |-2- |-2- |--- |--3|
A|--3 |-2- |--3 |--- |-2- |--- |x--|
E|--3 |--3 |1-- |--- |--- |-2- |x--|

C 	  G		Am
I'm not a Savior So Do me a Favor

	  E		C 
Stop and see me sometime

Don't need you save me

I'm ready to break free

		E	     F
I Just need to somebody to say

You know you're never too far away

You know you're never too far away


Am		          G     F
Help me cause I'm off the radar screen

Am			    G	      F
Help me cause you know just were I've been

C             D9
Help me cause I've lost my faith

F		G
Help me mend my broken wings

D9				F
But I just can't help myself

	G		   C 	D9 F
If you lost your beautiful ways

                      C 	D9 F 
You lost your beautiful ways


C 	  	G			Am
You started out loving  but somehow you changed me

		E	   C
Thought it'd be easy to see

 	  	G		Am
I came to you lonely Somehow I won't be 

	     E			F
Walking this line long with you

You know that you're never too far way

Oh you're never too far away





C			 E		  F
It's come to me that you won't be hanging 'round

C			 E		 	   F
I guess it don't matter cause you've always put me down

C			 E	       F
But I never thought I'd see you on the ground

F		       C Into Solo
You're not supposed to save me

Solo - C,G,D2+?,F x2 Am, G, F x2


CHORUS - Last Chord Am