Scott Miller - Across The Line

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Band name Scott Miller
Song name Across The Line
Tab type Chords
Added 06/25/2008
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Scott Miller
Across the Line
tabbed by infinitelazerdog
Standard Tuning

Riff 1:

Verse Chord Progression:

 Am         D           G          Cadd9   Em7
I Left my home in the valley

 Am         D             G        Cadd9  Em7
I Put the mountains to my back

    Am            D                G         Cadd9   Em7
There's nothing wrong with where I come from

Riff 1----------------------------------------------------->
But sometimes it's meant to be just that, whoa across the line

Border town called pocahontas
Where the main streets stayed light
I found myself between a promise
Between a woman and a friend of mine, whoa across the line

           Am                G
There were sheets of rain, sheets of silk

        D/F#      F       E
Cloudy water, mother's milk

 Am              G
Swollen gorges filled with blood

    D/F#           F       E
I cannot stop the coming flood

   Am         G
Overflowing storm filled drains

  D/F#                 F     E
Bolts of lightning, searing pain

  Am               G
Claps of thunder, dusty wind

  D/F#              F                  E
First I'm out and then I'm in

          F                E
First I'm out and then I'm in

((It shouldn't be hard to figure out the rest of the song, it's basically the same the 
of the way through.))