Van Manen Ralph - Stay Close

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Band name Van Manen Ralph
Song name Stay Close
Tab type Chords
Added 07/11/2008
Size 2.1 kb
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Stay close
Ralph van Manen

       C          G                             D   D
Stay close, stay faithfull through the darkest night.
       C         G                       D            D
Stay free, stay peacefull keep the fire burning bright.
      G    C                    G
Stay gentle, when the days get hard and long
      C                 D
stay faithfull, stay strong

          C                 D
Let your doubts all speed away
                   G           C
'cause they can't hold you anymore
     Am                    D
It's only when you drift away
 G                        C
lonelyness comes to your door

         Es                         F
let the shadows fall behind the hills
let the changes start to grow

 C              G          D          D
take this body lord every part of mine
                C           G                        D          D
and with your sweet, sweet fire won't you melt this hardened heart
            G     C               G
take this spirit lord, torn and free
                 C             D
fill it up with love and let it sail away

let your doubts ...

          Es                         F
let the shadows fall behind the hills
let the changes start to grow
         Es                             F
Let the tears sometimes remind you still,
you can't make it on your own

       Em                    C
in my songs I've written of weakness
        G                 D
let my learn to give you all
            Em              C
for all my love run to completeness
               D    D
I stumble and fall
C  G  D  D
C  G  D  D

let your doubts ...

play the bridge as:
    Es  F    G

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