Foo Fighters - A320

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Band name Foo Fighters
Song name A320
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/14/2008
Size 1.44 kb
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Artist:  Foo Fighters
Title: A320 (solo)
Album: Godzilla Soundtrack

Ok, I can figure out the solo to A320, but I still dont know the chorus, so this
is like an addition to the A320 original tab. The solo is divided into two parts.
One part is pretty raw (the first one) and the second part is equipped with
violins in the background. 

Here is the solo:

This comes in at about 2:50. It has a small cresendo and it busts into distortion:
In the 3/5/5 part, you can also change the mutes to all open strings. It doesnt
matter. Sounds pretty mucht he same, it just has to be quick. And at the end of
this section, he bends the 10/x/8 and goes to the next riff.

This part comes in at about 3:34
It isnt hard. At all. It is really fun to play though!