Electric 4 40 - Battle Rages On

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Band name Electric 4 40
Song name Battle Rages On
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/12/2008
Size 2.09 kb
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Song: Battle Rages On
Artist: Nick Maynard of The Electric 4-40
Transcribed By: Nick Maynard

This is the first real song I've written. I'm very
proud of it, although it isn't the type of music I
really love.




Song Lead-In
(only done live. on acoustic. f/picked or w/pick.)
---0-----0-------0-----0-----0-----0---|  2x
Am7                             Am7/B
-2-----2-------2-2-2-2-----2-----2-2-2-|  2x

-Start Strumming Am7 and whatever "002000" is.
-Then Start Going Between Em and Am.
-Pick up the speed untill you're "tremolo-strumming".
-End it by strumming Em hard, letting it ring, and then hitting
   it again and palm muting it fast.

Intro To Song
(This part is really a sample of a Barenaked Ladies cover of
Bruce Cockburn's song "McDonalds Girl".)

Em           G                D
     There's darkness in the sky
Em           G                  D
     And in some dark corner a shadow cries
Em           G                D
     Things used to be different
Em           G             D
     And now that's just a memory

Em           G            D
     And The Battle Rages On   3x
     Into the night

Em G D 2x

C Am Em G D


End Of The Song