New Model Army - 51st State

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Band name New Model Army
Song name 51st State
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/04/2008
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From: (Jerry Cornelius)

  This is the chords to 51st State of America from
the briliant White Coats EP and various other recordings.

This is basically very easy!! *Which probably explains how I figured it

  The chords are G Am F all the way through. However to get the NMA
sound the verses must be played using barre chords.

     G              Am             F


The changes are

G                  Am               f
Look out of you're window watch the sky......

Then for the chorus, the same chord progression is played but reverted
to basic chord formtion, i.e. major chords for a fuller sound with
more bass.

I play them like this

       G         Am      F      

Changes are

              G    Am       f
This is the   51st state of AmericA


Listen to the song. It helps immemsely. 
It sounds cool!!