Donny Iris - Ah Leah

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Ah! Leah! - Donny Iris - transcribed by Gary Chapman

Tune down a semitone.


(D  F  C  G)  x 4

Verse 1:

C         G                D
Leah it's been a long long time you're such a sight, you're
lookin'   better than a    body has the right to. 
Don't you know we're       playing with the fire, but 
we can't  stop this        burning desire, Leah...


D     Am   C             G
Ah    Lee-aaah (here we go again)
Ah    Lee-aaah (is it   ever 
gonna end ?)
Ah    Lee-aaah (here we go again)
Ah    Lee-aaah


F F  D D     C C  G G

Verse 2:

I see your lips and I wonder who's been kissin' them.
I never knew how badly I was missin' them.
We both know we're never gonna make it.
But when we touch we never have to fake it, Leah...



F F  D D     D D  C C     C C  G G     G G  D D  (x 2)

(lots of ooohs and aaahs)

Solo:  (rhythm is  D  F  C  G)


Verse 3:

Baby it's no good we're just asking for trouble.
I can touch you but I don't know how to love you.
It ain't no use, we're heading for disaster.
Our minds say no but our hearts are talkin' faster, Leah...

Chorus to fade

Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman)

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