Gaining Loss - Ballad 2

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Band name Gaining Loss
Song name Ballad 2
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 05/15/2008
Size 1.12 kb
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New song! haven't named it yet, so it's ballad #2. obviously, im not gonna give out my secrets as far as the correct tuning or specific notes, so ill give a simplified version until we release an official tab book. this is NOT A 100& CORRECT TAB. I have to say that because on tab sites, when i tell them i worte the song, they generally suppose i am submitting the correct version. this is just off the top of my head....let's see...

tuning (for now): dropped d

intro: (prapid picking) clean


b--3--2--0--0          4 to 5 x i cant our album & figure it out. 


repeat as chords, overdiven, for verse.

riff 1 (bass, but can be played on guitar)



a----------    X 4




a--x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x  X6


repeat verse&chorus

end with chorus riff, then use the intro as an outro

kinda cheap, but this is only a temporary version....its at least 90% accurate, ill give you that much!!!!

have fun!

jack black