Silkstone - Ready

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Band name Silkstone
Song name Ready
Tab type Guitar tab
Added 06/27/2008
Size 1.48 kb
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D      (xxx232)
Dsus4  (xxx233)
C      (x32010)
C/B    (x20033)
G      (300033)
A      (x02220)
F#m    (244222)

guitar 1:
D (Dsus4) |  C  | C/B | G  A |   

Guitar 2: 
e |--------10-----------10-----|
B |-----------7--7-h-8------8--|
G |--7--7----------------------|
D |----------------------------|
A |----------------------------|
E |----------------------------|

D           C 
So here I stand,
         G            F         A         D
Here I'm right on the top of a perfect world
        C             G
Here I stand, feeling fine,
         F       A        D
but it's over before you know

D (Dsus4) |  C  | C/B | G  A |

So here I am,
Here I'm finding the piece of my melody
Hear me sing, sing out loud
It's all right now !

D (Dsus4) |  C  | C/B | G  A |
I'll right it all, wait and see
If I get it together right
With a tear, or a smile
I will get it together right

D (Dsus4) |  C  | C/B | G  A |

So clearly now,
I'm feeling perfect, the writings are on the walls
Clearly how, I sing out loud
It's all right now!


D | F#m G |
Someone tried to tell me that
I didn't make it right this time
This time I'll try to be just fine
What if I'm right or wrong
Anything that I would do
is reach that thing,
For I'll be true oh oh!!

D (Dsus4) |  C  | C/B | G  A |
So here I stand, feeling fine.... Oho oho oho oho

next Chorus one up, like this:  E (Esus4) | D  | D/C# | A  B  |