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By The Who

>From Who Are You, 1978

written by John Entwistle ©1978 Hot Red Music


Transcribed by

Previously transcribed by John Brawley (

with slight revision by Gary L


intro: synth


C G Am F

Mother was an incubator, father was the contents


Of a test tube in the ice box in the factory of birth

C G Am F

My name is 905, and I've just become alive


I'm the newest populator of the planet we call Earth


C G Am F

In suspended animation, my childhood passed me by


If I speak without emotion, then you know the reason why

C Bb Am F

Knowledge of the universe was fed into my mind

C Bb A Bb

As my adolescent body left its puberty behind


F G Am

Everything I know is what I need to know

F G Am

Everything I do has been done before


Every sentence in my head

Am G F

Someone else has said


At each end of my life is an open door


{8 bars fill -- C variation}


Automatically defrosted, my manhood came on time

I became a man, I left the ice school behind

Now I'm to begin the life that I'm assigned

A life that's been used before a thousand times


Am G Bb F

I have a feeling deep inside that something is missing

Am G Bb F

It's a feeling in my soul and I can't help wishing

Am G Bb G

That one day I'll discover that we're living a lie

C Bb Am Bb

And I'll tell the whole world the reasons why


But until then,


all I know is what I need to know

Everything I do has been done before

Every idea in my head

Someone else has said

At each end of my life is an open door






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